How it Works

Clear Skin Miracle is a lifestyle change. You have to be prepared, down to your last straw with fighting acne. Committed to staying off hard antibiotics and expense creams and lotions and constant washing.

The Clear Skin Miracle method teaches you how to stop acne before it even starts so you don't have to battle bacteria, or oily dead skin build up.

Again we don't want customers who only have acne once a month or less. This program requires total commitment. Commitment to looking better, feeling better, being received better by those around you. Acne is a horrible disease that is completely caused by specific items in our environment that we detail how to avoid and replace.

We are so confident our environmental approach to Acne management is 100% effective that we will offer you your $ back in full if this program does not work for you. You must, however, keep a journal of your skin and environment on a daily basis to qualify. The environmental changes are easy and inexpensive for most. We help those who have trouble making the change psychologically with great meditations that help you overcome fear and resistance to change and build your confidence. You'll end up saving more money vs your old ineffective way of living with acne.

There is no other program like Clear Skin Miracle. The life changing and saving message we sell here has been researched in top medical journals (all provided) and peer tested and reviewed by 1000s of customers.