Will my acne go away overnight?
i In some cases it the changes will be noticeable within hours. If you are overweight there will be a longer 1 to 2 week period of change for your skin.
Do I have to buy expensive creams, take pills, pop zits, use a laser, etc?
No, this is a completely revolutionarily diet and environment approach to acne. You are only required to change some components of your diet.
When you say change my diet, what do you mean? I thought foods don’t cause acne?
Diet is our #1 point of contact with our environment. All the pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides, etc build up in our food supply and are directly introduced to our bodies via our food.
Is there a specific age for this program?
No, however, the older you are the longer it will take as longer skin damage takes more time to reverse.
Will you buy my before & after pics?
Yes, Absolutely! Take before & after pics to track your progress on this diet and when they come out great we’ll happily offer you a nice payday to share your success!
Can I follow this while in highschool or is this ok for my teenage child?
Yes, this program was initially created for teenagers who were stuck with harmful prescription solutions. However, most public school food programs have little to no food that meet the Clear Skin Miracle check list, but inexpensive easy to prepare brown bag lunches recipes are provided in our member area.
Does this work on backne?
Yes, Acne all over your body from top to bottom is caused by the same culprit. Your skin system wide will be healthier and acne free.

Joan P from Cincinnati writes; I was really scared to put my credit card in another website making large promises. I was even more frightened to make changes in my life. Its been a month and my acne is gone completely and I practically shed a tear each morning when I look in the mirror. Doctors everywhere should prescribe this instead of those horrible antibiotics.

Jenny S from Tampa writes; I always knew what Acne Guarantee taught me, but there were just so many mixed messages out there. I finally stopped listening to advertisements and got on the program and was zit free in less than 3 days... I don't know what to say except THANK YOU!

Heather P from St. Louis writes; No way... at first I was like this is too expensive, but then I said oh well I can get a refund and I'm curious and desperate enough to try anything, how crazy can it be? This is probably fine for people in California, but it took some convincing to get my family on track... here I am two weeks later with clean skin, and I get compliments all day long!